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How to Get Backlinks 15 Quick and Simple Strategies.
Take the case of WPBeginner. Their infographic on interesting facts about WordPress has over 700 backlinks. By creating engaging and helpful infographics, you are helping other content creators. They might use your visual creation in their blogs and give you a backlink as the original creator of the infographic. To create an infographic, you dont need to be a designer or hire a professional. You can use different free online tools to create one by yourself. Check out the guide on the best visual content creation tools to get started. Did you know that by writing testimonials on other websites, you can get a backlink for your site? Many businesses look for testimonials to show as social proof. They even display them on their homepage. So, if youre a regular user of a tool or service, you can write a testimonial in exchange for a backlink. Find companies that are relevant to your industry and submit a testimonial. Pro Tip: Look for websites that have high domain authority DA. Thats because search engines consider links from high DA sites to be high-quality backlinks. Use Help a Reporter Out HARO.
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Theory or not, SEO strategy means also being prepared for upcoming changes. If the next updates would be significant, strong backlinks from authority websites will immunize results of your hard work. Content and link building. Content, as its commonly said, is the driver of any modern SEO strategy. Creating informative content is a basic element of building your website, as well as sharing the knowledge in the guest posts.
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People loved this and it started getting press - then a local news crew came to do a story about it. You can image, a local news video and a story linking back to the site and getting social action, etc, had a nice booster affect on their SEO. Do stuff like that and your links will come automatically. Backlink strategy 3 - Create a tool resource app for your customers.
14 Link Building Strategies from a Technical SEO Expert.
What you really need is a list of inventive tips that youve not tried before. Having been involved in building backlinks and running a link building service from the UK since 2008, I know the techniques that few ever put on generic lists. So dive in, and Ill share some of the innovative strategies that we use to discoverthe best link building opportunities, and then work to secure those high-quality links. These tips fall into three areas.: Finding the right sites to earn links from with recs for specific tools we love. Outreach and communication. Making the most of your in-content links. Lets get started! Link building strategies: finding the right sites to build links from. Look beyond your competitors for opportunities. Many link builders recommend that you check out your competitors backlinks for inspiration; but have you thought of checking out the backlink profiles of the sites that link to them? Go down the rabbit hole! Check out the backlink profiles of the sites that link to your competitors, then check the backlink profiles of the sites that link to them, and so on. Some great tools for this are Ahrefs, Majestic SEO and Moz Link Explorer.
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These links have the potential to drive higher intent traffic because they are often placed on articles that are ranking for mid-funnel investigational intent keywords. Time Doctor has a tool list article that ranks for the keyword best online collaboration tools and brings in an estimated 1,800, monthly organic visitors.: A link positioned towards the top of this article could be very valuable not only in terms of authority, but also the potential for high intent referral traffic. This link building strategy works really well in verticals such as SaaS. My agency, Virayo, recently ran a tool list campaign for a SaaS client that resulted in over a dozen backlinks with an average Domain Rating of 70.: One of the fastest ways to find these opportunities is to uncover all the tool lists where your competitors are already featured. Heres how to do it.:
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In our ultimate white hat backlinking guide, youll learn all you need to know to reach your organic traffic goals now and, in the future, as well as get educated about some of the common traps and pitfalls to avoid. Right now, only thematically relevant backlinks are good enough to move the needle. Fast page load times and mobile-optimized websites are the essential cornerstones of modern on-site SEO, but for Google to rank you alongside the most trusted authorities in your niche, you will need to back it up with strong off-site SEO. Indeed, this means obtaining backlinks from thematically-relevant sources - Google sees this as a vote of trust. Think of it as street cred in your chosen niche. In the past, the primary focus was convincing high-authority websites to link back to you. But nowadays, the topical relevance of the backlinks you build is arguably even more important than the raw authority of the website. Ideally, you would have a backlink cover both of these categories, but in practice, backlinking opportunities like this are hard to find. Therefore, your primary focus when building links should be on relevance - authority, while still important, comes second.
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Users simply fill in the blanks on the link map and watch their site improve. Here is what a typical link map looks like when it gets created.: The beauty of SEOJet is that it automatically creates the link maps for you, all you have to do is know how to get backlinks based on what the link map tells you to do. If you look at the map you can see that the links are color-coded. The purpose of the link map is to help keep your backlink profile looking as natural as possible. We show you exactly what your profile looks like using three gauges, one for each of the anchor text groups. Your goal is to get the needles in the blue ranges for all three groups. Our link maps are also color-coded this way. Blue highlighted entries on the link map tell you to get that backlink to help your percentages move to the blue ranges. Otherwise, we gray out the links that will hurt your profile. One of the lesser practiced SEO strategies is to build out tiered backlinks, or in other words, build links to your links.
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How to Measure Content Marketing ROI. Our Story Difference. How to Improve Your SEO Through Smart Link Building. By Matthew Woodward. Ranking at the top of search engine results pages is the endgame for many marketers who are employing SEO strategies. A big reason for this is that on the first page of search results, the first five organic results account for nearly 70 of clicks. One of the best ways to position your site to work its way up the rankings? Thats why Id like to show you three unique link-building strategies that can boost your backlink profile and improve your search rankings.
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Its only natural to launch any link building strategy by looking for new backlink opportunities outside of your site. However, internal data about existing links as well as sites performance helps to gain focus and clarity to identify the best potential links to create. The best opportunity for sites is to evaluate existing data first for insights before scouting the web for new linking partners. Having this as part of your SEO strategy is instrumental in driving continued success and boosting authority signals. Share this article.: Like what you read? Subscribe to the blog to receive updates about.: Data-driven content marketing strategies. Technical, Mobile Local SEO best practices. Industry news and updates. Research and innovations. Get the latest SEO trends, news and advice, right in your inbox. Kalpesh Guard is the co-founder and CFO of Actonia Inc./seoClarity, a leading SEO technology company. Kalpesh helps clients maintain an edge in the ever-evolving search marketing industry. His expertise has established seoClarity as the successful SEO technology company it is today. Currently, there are no comments. Be the first to post one! 1.29M Traffic Increase in 6 Months: How 4 Automotive Brands Experience Organic Growth.
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You are looking for invalid links.: Your competitors backlinks. The best type of backlinks you can get is the backlink your competitor has and you dont! In addition to getting a quality backlink, you get a competitive advantage that they had by receiving a link from a domain that you dont! The idea is to find these links and the type, how they were made, and prospect the potential partner. To do this, you will need a tool.

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